Amongst Friends and Foes

Chapter 9: The Deep Dark Green
An exploration

The adventurers find the original site of the crafting of the Elfblades and confront an elven girl in the deep forests

Chapter 8: Mhiilamniir
Into the ruins of Elvenkind

The Adventurers follow the sylvan road from Elven Port to Mhiilamniir. They discover that they’re not alone in the ancient ruins of the elves, as a party of servants, following a member of the Elkbearer family, are digging in one of the hollowed out buildings.

After a heady debate, where Belian Brightwood argued fiercely for the death of the other adventurers, the party eventually decided to move deeper into the ruins. Mhiilamniir turned out to be huge. Miles upon miles of wondrous works of architecture interspersed with the woodlands. The air above the ruined city was filled with wyrmlings: dozens upon dozens of small green dragons, all seemingly watching the goings on in the ruins.

The adventurers managed to evade the wyrmlings, but they left Elisa behind. After their quick scurry across the open marble courtyard the adventurers finally entered the ruins of the massive Corellon Larethian Temple. Inside they found a gargantuan green dragon, and several smaller dragons, sleeping in the robbed treasures of the elves. Beneath the largest of the dragons, the adventures found a staircase. They snuck past the dragons and down below the temple.

Below the main temple they found a huge network of chambers. Dozens of shrines, holy relics, statuaries and libraries filled the hallways beneath the dragon-inhabited Dome. Eventually, after encountering several demonkin, they adventurers found themselves in the main underground temple, a Cathedral dominated by a statue of Corellon. They fought of a group of Cultists, and crab-people, before finding a chamber containing one of the Elfblades. Or so they thought. It turned out to be an illusion, but the trap in the chamber wasn’t and soon the adventurers were fleeing for their lives. They fled into a chamber with a portal, which they promptly used ending up on a field surrounded by a verdant forest.

Chapter 7: The Talons
A welcome surprise

The new “friends”, journey west, past Lhurvenhead and Jalanthar, traversing the Rauvin vale without incident.

At the Talons, the adventurers encounter a half-orc, who turns out to be Nogil the Ranger and his beautiful travelling companion, a young half-elven priestess of Tymora. The Half-Orc explains that the priestess is his half-sister, and that she’s to accompany the party whereever they go. Nogil also enlightens the adventurers as to his skills: He can find them a path into Mhiilamniir.

Nogil gives the adventures two choiches. Journey south, and enter the ruins of Mhiilamniir from the south. Here they’ll avoid the worst that the forest has to offer, in terms of rovings bands of Dark Elves, grumpy Wood Elves, errant Demons and the dangers of the fey (nixies, pixies, sprites and dryads). He also explains that the power vacuum left by the retreating elves, has created many new “lords” of the Forest. Including Az’Toum. An Eye Tyrant who rules in the southern part of the ruins of Mhiilamniir. According to Nogil, the beholder has a vast contigent of Hobgoblins, as well as both Genasi and Troll Servants. The Beholder rules from the vacant “Woodlands Fair” in the southern most parts of Mhiilamniir.

The other option is, to use potions of invisibility and silence, and sneak into Mhiilamniir. The mythal of this once great Elven City no longer works, so using magic should be no problem. With this choiche, the party takes the road to Elven Port, a ruined port city on the banks of the Delimbiyr river. Here, the dark Fey’ri have taken residence. According to Nogil, they’ve got quite the stash of Elven Magic, and though it is guarded by their Tana’rukk slaves, it should be relatively easy to get to it.

The adventurers elect the second option. They head to Elven Port. Scout the city, find the stash, fight the Tana’rukks and recover the potions. As the day wanes, they flee the ruins of outer Elven Port, before they can be discovered by the might of the Fey’ri. They head east, shadowing the Sylvan road, heading into the western parts of the once great Mythal City of Mhiilamniir.

Interlude II
A New Hope...

The 3rd of Eleint
Korrin and Belian, still numb from their trial and still suffering from the loss of their dear frind Gaervar, now declared traitor after he’d fled the North, had spent the last week drinking heavily and discussing their future at The Lone Horseman

Belian shared his dreams with Korrin, saying that he, more than ever, wanted to shine in the eyes of his peers. He was humilated by the loss of prestige and felt that they needed to do great things to redeem themselves. Korrin concurred, allthough he had his own motives. Belians need to prove himself, could possibly lead to wondrous adventure and new exploration. Korrin suggested that try and find the legendary Elfblades, which had been lost for almost a millenia. Belian wholeheartedly agreed, but like Korrin, he knew little about were to proceed from that thought.

As the two adventurers debated their way forward, two men, strangers, approached them. The Inn was quiet and, except for the usual patrons, relatively empty. The Men, Xavros “Dusksong” Nemetsik and Henris Blacksilver, were servants of Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley. They claimed they had true knowledge of the Elfblades and reminded the adventurers, that Lord Caskill had, just a few weeks earlier, petitioned them to find the legendary Crownblade. Korrin and Belian were skeptical to say the least, but decided to indulge the strangers. They asked dozens of questions, guarding their own secrets, but as it turned out, the tale from the two strangers seemed true. Xavros has exceptional knowledge about the north, the elves and the Elfblades. He, and Henris, offered 10,000gp in diamonds and another 100,000gp upon the discovery of the Crownblade, on behalf of Lord Caskill

Korrin and Belian agreed, on one condition, the two would help them find the Crownblade, if Xavros and Henris in turn, helped Korrin and Belian find the Warblade. Xavros agreed in principle, and defended the motives of Lord Caskill. And with that, the new party left Silverymoon and headed for the Talons in the east, where they, according to the original charter of the quest, would hook up with the Ranger Nogil, who’d show them the way to a lost elven city.

Interlude I
Trial or Traitor

Following their capture by the Knights in Silver, the adventurers each made their choice: journey peacefully to Silverymoon and face Alustriels justice or flee the Silver Marches and forever be branded a traitor of the people

Belian Brightwood and Korrin Regdar, both true sons of the North, chose to willfully submit to the justice of the Lady. They were stripped of rank, titles and the rights of Adjunkts and publicly shamed by the First Lady. But secretly, they were praised by Taern Hornblade for their honesty and candor

Gaervar Daergel and Santos of Cimber made a very different choice. Or rather, Gaervar made a choice for them both. The gnome fled the convoy, with the mauled body of Santos, fleeing south towards the Great Temple of Cyric. Here, he hoped to find answers to his many questions, as well as a way to ressurect the body of Santos. Gaervar was declared traitor and public enemy by Alustriel and, if found, was to be hung in public as a statement. Santos’ body was declared illicit property and his soul was barred from returning to the world. As such, any northener who found the two, was to burn and disintegrate the remains of the warrior cleric.

Meanwhile, the intigator of all this trouble, Sir Lloren Elkbearer was stripped of rank and title and forever denied his rights as a Knight in Silver. He father was to disawow Lloren and deny him the rights of ascencion through inheritance. The Duke, Lord Arel Eastwell was furious, but accepted the sentence, knowing that the Lady Alustriels patience with the nobility was wearing thin

Chapter 6: Crossroads, Part II


On the 24th of Elessias, after their many battles with odd creatures and assassins, the Adventurers found a boat and sailed from Everlund and towards Sundabar. Two days later, they arrived at the docks of the fortress city.

Located on the top of a hill, with four gates, surrounded by double-walls and a moat, Sundabar made a formidable, if drap, impression. The Adventurers quickly found themselves inside a city without greens or any other natural thing. Sundabar is a city of stone and its people are vigilant and suspicious. The party found an Inn, which doubled as a warriors guild. Here they sought information about Helm Dwarf-friend and found that he, and his keep was near. They sought an audience and through an introduction from the Lady Alustriel, they were well received. During their meet with Helm, they also found themselves in the company of Nial Durinshart, one of the Farrow Commanders and the patron of their quest for Orc tusks. After a journey down memory lane, he remembered his promise and paid in full. He then took them down the stairs and into the Undercity. Here, they found a great hall with three exits, one to the Mines, one to the Everfire and one to the Tomb of Dendastar. Nial explained, that Dendastars tomb hadn’t been opened for a hundred years and it had sealed in quite a few tourists when it closed (the adventurers already knew much about the tomb, as they had researched it quite a bit).

The Tomb was indeed locked, but the lock was simple and Korrin Regdar made a small show of opening the door. The massive stone door simply vanished and revealed a large rectangular tomb, with walls covered in tapestries and the artifacts claimed by Dendaster during his long campaign for good in the North. The sarcophagus itself, was guarded by no less than 10 armored automatons, which the party knew from their extensive research. Belian found it odd, that there were no bodies, as dozens supposedly died when the portal closed. Alas, Santos found the bodies, when he haplessly unrolled a massive tapestry on the end wall, a tapestry which revealed dozens of skeletons and a depiction of the Holy Symbol of Cyric. None of the adventurers questioned the oddity of Cyrics holy symbol, which was only 25years old, coupled with the bodies of 100year old dead people. But, it mattered less when Cyric himself actually manifested in the tomb. The god of Lies, Intrigue and Murder told the adventurers that they were being lied to: “Beware the Men behind the Curtain, True intentions are Always Hidden. Come to my Temple in Zsassespur and my Priests shall unmask the reality and reveal all.”

The Avatar then proceded to claim a single item from inside the sarcophagus: a sword. It was Dendasters own blade the First Sword of the Sun. Cyric disappered, leaving the adventurers baffled. They quickly found their footing and made haste to Silverymoon.

Silver Way

On the 27th of Elessias, the adventurers rested on the Silver Way. The great Travel’s Halt, a safe place in the Nether Mountainsm if there is such a thing, was were they decided to stop. The Halt was guarded by two groups of Knight-Errants of the Knights in Silver. During their stay, the adventurers found, that very near their own camp was the camp of the Swords of the North, the party from whom they stole four horses just a week earlier. The Adventurers managed to stay low however, until a familiar visage came calling: Sir Lloren Elkbearer. He came with his eight squires and, using his authority as First Knight, claimed the First Sword of the Sun as his own. Sir Alkin and Sir Errol, the Knight-Errands guarding the Travel’s Halt complied at first, but when the party showed their credentials as Adjuncts of Silver, and the letter from Lady Alustriel, they were about to stop Sir Lloren. But, just as Sir Alkin tried to diffuse the situation, Santos of Cimber had enough and he drew his mighty blade and struck Sir Llorens Horse. The situation quickly descended into chaos. Korrin and Belian, tried to surrender and stop Santos at the same time, while Gaervar fled into the forests of the Nethers. Sir Lloren seemed mad and demanded the heads of all, sending his squires after the fleeing gnome. Meanwhile, Santos embroiled himself in combat with 12 squires and three knights.

The end was given before Santos even finished his first blow. Sir Lloren, a veteran of hundreds of skirmishes, easily defeated Santos, cutting his head from his body. Before he could do the same to Korrin and Belian, the seemingly crazed Knight was stopped by Sir Alkin and Sir Errol, but not before he killed Sir Alkin. Sir Errol rounded everything up nicely after that. He captured Sir Lloren, Korrin, Gaervar and Belian and collected the corpse of Santos. He then claimed all of them as Prisoners of the Lady of the Marches, and he and the remaining squires immidiately headed for Silverymoon.

Chapter 6: Crossroads
Beware of strangers bearing gifts...


Following their victory against the ghastly vampirespawn in Earlyfelt Manor, the Adventurers returned to Everlund and the Bell Market Inn. They found, to their surprise, that Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley, was waiting for them. He invited them to dine with him in the V.I.P section of the massive taproom. The adventurers accepted and joined the noble lord for evening supper.

During the meal, he questioned them about the events that transpired in Hilltop and they answered him truthfully. He was thankful for their candor and rewarded them with a heavy pouch filled with diamonds. On the promise of a 10 fold return, he gave them a new quest: “Seek the legendary lost city of Mhilamniir and search for the mythical Crownblade. Return it to him and only him. Find Nogil at the Talons, and he’ll act as a guide.”

The Adventurers were intrigued, but before they could decide which way to go, the Duke of Everlund: Kayl Moorwalker, came calling upon the supper. He thanked the adventurers and greeted them as heroes of the North. He then asked a great boon: “Travel to the Evermoors and find the town of Ugas, home of Thorl, King of Giants. Give him treasure for a truce, so the giants stop sending trolls in The Rauvin Vale.”

As the adventurers pondered both options, they were confronted by the visage of an old enemy, Sir Lloren Elkbearer. The haughty, and condescending silver knight, came bearing a letter from Lady Alustriel. In the letter, the lady bequeathed a great piece of land and bestowed new titles upon the adventurers, she asked little in return: “Journey to Sundabar and find the Tomb of Dendastar. Here you shall return with one item which is vital for Silverymoon. Do this for me, my friends and I shall be eternally grateful”.

The Adventurers needed no more incentive, and despite the bearer of this great gift, they decided to take the quest and head to Sundabar. Duke Moorwalker was disappointed, but the Lord Caskill-Brentley oozed of dark menace. He wished the adventurers luck and left the room. As Duke Moorwalker tried to pursuade the adventurers one last time, he was suddenly shot by a crossbow bolt.

Out of nowhere, a group of assasins, the Al-Hashim El Qud, attacked the Duke and tried to slay him. The Adventurers rose to the occasion and defended the beleaguered Duke. Two of the assassins, tough and trained in the art of killing, fell quickly to the blades of the passionate friends. The third managed to escape and the party decided not to pursue. Instead they searched the dead assassins, claiming their posessions as their own. The Duke survived and retired to his Mansion, while the adventurers went to bed. No reason to worry.

Later that night, Belian was attacked by a vicious monster of the night: a Choker. The creature was not alone and suddenly the Group was facing yet another assassination attempt: their own. They fought bravely, killed two Chokers and went to bed. No reason to worry.

Chapter 5: The Nethers
The dark secret of the mountains

Following their exploration of Hilltop the adventurers confronted the lurking stranger, in the woods west of the empty mining town, very near a large white manor house.

Korrin and Belian, led the interrogation of the Man, who called himself Maulkin. The party questioned him thoroughly, without learning much about him. He proclaimed himself a wanderer, and then, a harmless tradesman, and then he said he was in league with Belian. He spun an interesting yarn, which could be true, but seemed unlikely: That Belian was a Cohort of a mysterious villian, who spied on the group. Maulkin did not elaborate on motive, and as such the party discarded his tale as false.

When the Gnome, relieved Maulkin of his silver bracer, the plot thickened. The dark, pox-scarred man seemed to rot literally without his bracer. This led the party to believe there was more to him than he claimed (well that, and his bogus story). So, the now oddly mellow cleric of an insane god, elected to bring Maulkin along as a prisoner.

Earlyfelt Manor

The chase led the adventurers to the gates of the shuttered Earlyfelt Manor. The pure white estate, whilst hauntingly beautiful, seemed abandoned. Maulkin seemed oddly content that the adventurers decided to explore the massive house.

All the windows to the manor were shuttered and covered in large, dark drapes. Inside, the manor revealed an opulence so great, that the adventures refused it could have been created solely through the silver mines of Hilltop. Mahogany furniture, marble floors, great armoires and other relics of great wealth dominated the house.
The adventurers explored the many rooms, from the great hall, through the dining room, kitchen, lounges, guest rooms and upstairs living quarters, and the hours passed quickly. As night fell, everything changed. Wights, dark undead servcants and cannibals of the night, attacked the horses tied outside the manor. Maulkin found all this largely amusing and fled, while the group fought of the wicked Wights. Santos chased and slew Maulkin, only to be confronted by the ghastly visage of the late Lady Earlyfelt, now the spawn of a Vampire. She attacked the cleric and engaged him in fierce combat. All of the party converged on her, slaying her utterly, but not before Korrin took grievous injury. First, she escaped to her cellar coffin, but Gaervar was quick and led the party to her hideout. Here, they decapitated the evil spawn and Lady Earlyfelt was laid to rest. As they fled Earlyfelt Manor, they all heard a terrible roar in the distance.

Having lost their horses, the group travelled to Sawyers Mill, a tiny abandoned holdfast south of Hilltop. Here they found a group of travellers resting. Gaervar stole their horses and the adventurers fled south, out of the Nether Mountains and into The Rauvin Vale, heading first to Lhurvenhead, were they met Old Errol, and then to Everlund, seeking the actions of a priest to heal the dark wounds on Korrin.


Korrin was healed by the Divine Might of the High Cleric of Mielikki, whilst the rest of the party bought their way into their old room in the Bell Market Inn. As they met in the dining room, an old acquintance greeted them. Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley, was in Everlund, offering dinner and seeking information…

Chapter 4: Hilltop, II
Part 2: Journey to the Nethers

The adventurers explore Everlund, before heading into The Rauvin Vale and towards Hilltop. Korrin Regdar elected to stay at the small Eldath shrine and inn, while the rest of the party chose to buy a stately room at the majestic Bell Market Inn. They chose the prince room, and found themselves living next to a very wealthy calishite (or one with calishite connections), as the King’s Chambers, the most expensive rooms in Everlund, were guarded by calishite warriors.

The proprietor of the Inn Adran Morth, a scarred but well-dressed man, turned out to be a former (or current?) priest of the goddess Waukeen. A tradesman of heart, he dealt with the adventurers, aiding their quest by providing information.

During their stay at the Inn, the party discovered that they weren’t the only group looking into the mystery of Hilltop. Because the other group seemed poised to go, the Adventurers elected to leave Everlund at the 19th of Elessias, moving east and north towards the Nether Mountains.


The adventurers bypassed the village of Lhurvenhead entirely and went straight north, into the dark Nether Mountains. They followed the trail up towards Hilltop. The road was never treacherous, but the discovery of ruined wagons and goblin tracks, kept the party at their toes.

As they approached Hilltop, the adventurers found even more mystery. Outside the open gates, another ruined wagon marred the otherwise serene landscape. The only sound was that of the mountain wind in the leaves of the trees and of a dog, barking in the distance. Brash, as always, Santos entered the village and openly presented himself to all. He immidiately began searching the cottages. Meanwhile, Gaervar Daergel lurked in the guard towers and found a curious logbook, which stated that the constable had allowed a stranger to enter after nightfall. A stranger who knew the Lady Earlyfelt, dowager countess of Hilltop. Belian Brightwood looked for the barking dog and found an the Inn, destroyed beyond recognizion, whilst Korrin Regdar looked around the village, discovering not only the Granary, untouched, but also a sneaking stranger, who watched the party from afar.

Being a Ranger of Moonwood, wary of evil and knowledgeable of wickedness, Korrin immediately announced the strangers presence to the rest of the group, and then he started a furious pursuit. Belian discovered and joined the pursuit, followed shortly by Santos and, much later, by Gaervar. The adventurers stopped the stranger, a pox-scarred man clad in leathers and dark fabrics. He drew swords on them and told them to leave him alone. Korrin and Belian confronted him and then Belian decided to attack him. The stranger defended himself, but was far overmatched. He decided to flee, but a decisive blow left him staggering and he fell heavily to the ground.

The four members of the party surrounded him in the dense forest, wanting dearly to question him about the events in Hilltop. As they surrounded him, they found themselves very near a huge, white-washed mansion, ringed with a steel fence….

Chapter 4: Hilltop
Part 1: Everlund

The Adventurers left Silverymoon on the 16th of Elessias, heading south on the Silver Way. Their path took them into the Nether Mountains. Here they traversed the treacherous mountain range, travelling through Everlund Pass.

Halfway through the Pass, the Group came upon a huge log, which had been felled across the road. It seemed a clear ambush, but instead of robbers or bandits, The Party found a Group of squires led by a member of the Knights in Silver, Sir Edwin Arryl. Somewhat assured by this benevolent meeting, the adventurers where surprised just minutes later, when a Group of orcs and ogres charged them from the woodlands. The would-be bandits where dispatched with vigor and the Adventurers moved on towards Everlund.

After the Rauvin Vale Landing and Giant Strides, the party found themselves at the White Walls of Everlund. Just outside the gate, there was a small market. A priest, representing an obscure clergy, was holding audience.

Inside the city, the adventurers made their way past white-washed houses on cobbled streets. Unlike Silverymoon, this city held Little greenery and the most cheerful scenery was the many different people on the streets: Everlund is a city of Merchants.

Making their way to The Bell Market, the Group found a rich and varied urban culture. Korrin Regdar chose to seek out the comfort of the Pools of Healing, while the rest of the party chose to stay at the Bell Market and made their beds in the huge Bell Market Inn. Here, Santos of Cimber, was close to an altercation with the Half-Orc guards, but all was luckily averted. The Adventurers decided to stay in Everlund overnight, while deciding their next move.


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