Amongst Friends and Foes

Led by the smiling, elderly Lord Telvis Cumberland, the Adventurers finally arrive in Silverymoon after almost two full weeks of trekking from Pine Cove. At the edge of the magnificient Moonbridge, a group of Templars, Hospitalers and Clerics, of the (Triad), greet the weary band. The batterered body of (Belian) is brought back to life by Liendra StarCaller, first priestess of Sel√Ľne. Allthough not of the Triad, she is nonetheless the only one who offers to ressurrect Belian. After her spectular display of Magic, she blesses each of the four adventurers. Lord Telvis Cumberland takes is leave as they are escorted across the Moonbrigde. He invites the group to dinner after their meeting with the Lady Alustriel.

At the Western Gate of Silverymoon, the Party is met by Hennesy, the Captain of the Guard and a former Silver Knight. They’re esorted through the city and directly to the The High Palace. Here they meet with Taern Hornblade and the beautiful Lady Alustriel, the Queen of Silverymoon. She thanks them for their help and tells them to speak with Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley, who’ll give them a gift for their service to the City and The Silver Marches.

The Lord Caskill, a Duke of the North, speaks with Lord Arel Eastwell, Sir Lloren Elkbearer’s father, who happens to be the Earl of Eastwell and Elk. Through his words and ways, the Earl manages to upset and anger the fiery Santos. The rough cleric of Garagos almost manages to get himself and his Allies killed as he threatens the Earl. But other than discovering the powerful defenses of the High Court and angering the Earl, nothing happens.

The Lord Caskill-Brentley invites the adventurers to meet him at The Golden Oak. Here he offers them a prize from the Lady Alustriel: Adjuncts of Silver and 5 acres of land per man, a fine prize at any right. He then gives them a quest: Move South and East to Hilltop and discover why none have heard from the city in weeks. The Lady Alustriel wants them to report to Taern Hornblade, but Lord Caskill urges them to report to him first.

The Adventurers met a mysterious pox scarred man, who stalks their movements. After their meeting with Lord Caskill and later when they meet with Lord Cumberlands Family, and the Next day at The Lone Horseman the mysterious man follows them. Gaervar Daergel attempst to confront him at The Lone Horseman, but the man flees.

During their stay at Silverymoon, the adventurers meet many people and visit many Places, including the The Lucky Cave an expensive brothel and several shops. A travellers shop, a magic shop, a weaponsmithy called Wedgehill Weapons and another called Optyms Blades.

The proprietor of Wedgehill weapons, a dwarf named Graff Wedgehill, offers Korrin Regdar an axe enchanted by the might of the dwarves. He does not explain his reasons other than his wish to aid the Heroes of the North

Following a good nights rest, the Party moves South, towards Everlund and then to Hilltop


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