Amongst Friends and Foes

Chapter 4: Hilltop

Part 1: Everlund

The Adventurers left Silverymoon on the 16th of Elessias, heading south on the Silver Way. Their path took them into the Nether Mountains. Here they traversed the treacherous mountain range, travelling through Everlund Pass.

Halfway through the Pass, the Group came upon a huge log, which had been felled across the road. It seemed a clear ambush, but instead of robbers or bandits, The Party found a Group of squires led by a member of the Knights in Silver, Sir Edwin Arryl. Somewhat assured by this benevolent meeting, the adventurers where surprised just minutes later, when a Group of orcs and ogres charged them from the woodlands. The would-be bandits where dispatched with vigor and the Adventurers moved on towards Everlund.

After the Rauvin Vale Landing and Giant Strides, the party found themselves at the White Walls of Everlund. Just outside the gate, there was a small market. A priest, representing an obscure clergy, was holding audience.

Inside the city, the adventurers made their way past white-washed houses on cobbled streets. Unlike Silverymoon, this city held Little greenery and the most cheerful scenery was the many different people on the streets: Everlund is a city of Merchants.

Making their way to The Bell Market, the Group found a rich and varied urban culture. Korrin Regdar chose to seek out the comfort of the Pools of Healing, while the rest of the party chose to stay at the Bell Market and made their beds in the huge Bell Market Inn. Here, Santos of Cimber, was close to an altercation with the Half-Orc guards, but all was luckily averted. The Adventurers decided to stay in Everlund overnight, while deciding their next move.


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