Amongst Friends and Foes

Chapter 4: Hilltop, II

Part 2: Journey to the Nethers

The adventurers explore Everlund, before heading into The Rauvin Vale and towards Hilltop. Korrin Regdar elected to stay at the small Eldath shrine and inn, while the rest of the party chose to buy a stately room at the majestic Bell Market Inn. They chose the prince room, and found themselves living next to a very wealthy calishite (or one with calishite connections), as the King’s Chambers, the most expensive rooms in Everlund, were guarded by calishite warriors.

The proprietor of the Inn Adran Morth, a scarred but well-dressed man, turned out to be a former (or current?) priest of the goddess Waukeen. A tradesman of heart, he dealt with the adventurers, aiding their quest by providing information.

During their stay at the Inn, the party discovered that they weren’t the only group looking into the mystery of Hilltop. Because the other group seemed poised to go, the Adventurers elected to leave Everlund at the 19th of Elessias, moving east and north towards the Nether Mountains.


The adventurers bypassed the village of Lhurvenhead entirely and went straight north, into the dark Nether Mountains. They followed the trail up towards Hilltop. The road was never treacherous, but the discovery of ruined wagons and goblin tracks, kept the party at their toes.

As they approached Hilltop, the adventurers found even more mystery. Outside the open gates, another ruined wagon marred the otherwise serene landscape. The only sound was that of the mountain wind in the leaves of the trees and of a dog, barking in the distance. Brash, as always, Santos entered the village and openly presented himself to all. He immidiately began searching the cottages. Meanwhile, Gaervar Daergel lurked in the guard towers and found a curious logbook, which stated that the constable had allowed a stranger to enter after nightfall. A stranger who knew the Lady Earlyfelt, dowager countess of Hilltop. Belian Brightwood looked for the barking dog and found an the Inn, destroyed beyond recognizion, whilst Korrin Regdar looked around the village, discovering not only the Granary, untouched, but also a sneaking stranger, who watched the party from afar.

Being a Ranger of Moonwood, wary of evil and knowledgeable of wickedness, Korrin immediately announced the strangers presence to the rest of the group, and then he started a furious pursuit. Belian discovered and joined the pursuit, followed shortly by Santos and, much later, by Gaervar. The adventurers stopped the stranger, a pox-scarred man clad in leathers and dark fabrics. He drew swords on them and told them to leave him alone. Korrin and Belian confronted him and then Belian decided to attack him. The stranger defended himself, but was far overmatched. He decided to flee, but a decisive blow left him staggering and he fell heavily to the ground.

The four members of the party surrounded him in the dense forest, wanting dearly to question him about the events in Hilltop. As they surrounded him, they found themselves very near a huge, white-washed mansion, ringed with a steel fence….


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