Amongst Friends and Foes

Chapter 5: The Nethers

The dark secret of the mountains

Following their exploration of Hilltop the adventurers confronted the lurking stranger, in the woods west of the empty mining town, very near a large white manor house.

Korrin and Belian, led the interrogation of the Man, who called himself Maulkin. The party questioned him thoroughly, without learning much about him. He proclaimed himself a wanderer, and then, a harmless tradesman, and then he said he was in league with Belian. He spun an interesting yarn, which could be true, but seemed unlikely: That Belian was a Cohort of a mysterious villian, who spied on the group. Maulkin did not elaborate on motive, and as such the party discarded his tale as false.

When the Gnome, relieved Maulkin of his silver bracer, the plot thickened. The dark, pox-scarred man seemed to rot literally without his bracer. This led the party to believe there was more to him than he claimed (well that, and his bogus story). So, the now oddly mellow cleric of an insane god, elected to bring Maulkin along as a prisoner.

Earlyfelt Manor

The chase led the adventurers to the gates of the shuttered Earlyfelt Manor. The pure white estate, whilst hauntingly beautiful, seemed abandoned. Maulkin seemed oddly content that the adventurers decided to explore the massive house.

All the windows to the manor were shuttered and covered in large, dark drapes. Inside, the manor revealed an opulence so great, that the adventures refused it could have been created solely through the silver mines of Hilltop. Mahogany furniture, marble floors, great armoires and other relics of great wealth dominated the house.
The adventurers explored the many rooms, from the great hall, through the dining room, kitchen, lounges, guest rooms and upstairs living quarters, and the hours passed quickly. As night fell, everything changed. Wights, dark undead servcants and cannibals of the night, attacked the horses tied outside the manor. Maulkin found all this largely amusing and fled, while the group fought of the wicked Wights. Santos chased and slew Maulkin, only to be confronted by the ghastly visage of the late Lady Earlyfelt, now the spawn of a Vampire. She attacked the cleric and engaged him in fierce combat. All of the party converged on her, slaying her utterly, but not before Korrin took grievous injury. First, she escaped to her cellar coffin, but Gaervar was quick and led the party to her hideout. Here, they decapitated the evil spawn and Lady Earlyfelt was laid to rest. As they fled Earlyfelt Manor, they all heard a terrible roar in the distance.

Having lost their horses, the group travelled to Sawyers Mill, a tiny abandoned holdfast south of Hilltop. Here they found a group of travellers resting. Gaervar stole their horses and the adventurers fled south, out of the Nether Mountains and into The Rauvin Vale, heading first to Lhurvenhead, were they met Old Errol, and then to Everlund, seeking the actions of a priest to heal the dark wounds on Korrin.


Korrin was healed by the Divine Might of the High Cleric of Mielikki, whilst the rest of the party bought their way into their old room in the Bell Market Inn. As they met in the dining room, an old acquintance greeted them. Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley, was in Everlund, offering dinner and seeking information…


Gaevar havde INTET med vampire spawnens død at gøre! It was all me! Me. Me. Me!

Chapter 5: The Nethers
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