Amongst Friends and Foes

Chapter 6: Crossroads

Beware of strangers bearing gifts...


Following their victory against the ghastly vampirespawn in Earlyfelt Manor, the Adventurers returned to Everlund and the Bell Market Inn. They found, to their surprise, that Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley, was waiting for them. He invited them to dine with him in the V.I.P section of the massive taproom. The adventurers accepted and joined the noble lord for evening supper.

During the meal, he questioned them about the events that transpired in Hilltop and they answered him truthfully. He was thankful for their candor and rewarded them with a heavy pouch filled with diamonds. On the promise of a 10 fold return, he gave them a new quest: “Seek the legendary lost city of Mhilamniir and search for the mythical Crownblade. Return it to him and only him. Find Nogil at the Talons, and he’ll act as a guide.”

The Adventurers were intrigued, but before they could decide which way to go, the Duke of Everlund: Kayl Moorwalker, came calling upon the supper. He thanked the adventurers and greeted them as heroes of the North. He then asked a great boon: “Travel to the Evermoors and find the town of Ugas, home of Thorl, King of Giants. Give him treasure for a truce, so the giants stop sending trolls in The Rauvin Vale.”

As the adventurers pondered both options, they were confronted by the visage of an old enemy, Sir Lloren Elkbearer. The haughty, and condescending silver knight, came bearing a letter from Lady Alustriel. In the letter, the lady bequeathed a great piece of land and bestowed new titles upon the adventurers, she asked little in return: “Journey to Sundabar and find the Tomb of Dendastar. Here you shall return with one item which is vital for Silverymoon. Do this for me, my friends and I shall be eternally grateful”.

The Adventurers needed no more incentive, and despite the bearer of this great gift, they decided to take the quest and head to Sundabar. Duke Moorwalker was disappointed, but the Lord Caskill-Brentley oozed of dark menace. He wished the adventurers luck and left the room. As Duke Moorwalker tried to pursuade the adventurers one last time, he was suddenly shot by a crossbow bolt.

Out of nowhere, a group of assasins, the Al-Hashim El Qud, attacked the Duke and tried to slay him. The Adventurers rose to the occasion and defended the beleaguered Duke. Two of the assassins, tough and trained in the art of killing, fell quickly to the blades of the passionate friends. The third managed to escape and the party decided not to pursue. Instead they searched the dead assassins, claiming their posessions as their own. The Duke survived and retired to his Mansion, while the adventurers went to bed. No reason to worry.

Later that night, Belian was attacked by a vicious monster of the night: a Choker. The creature was not alone and suddenly the Group was facing yet another assassination attempt: their own. They fought bravely, killed two Chokers and went to bed. No reason to worry.


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