Amongst Friends and Foes

Chapter 6: Crossroads, Part II



On the 24th of Elessias, after their many battles with odd creatures and assassins, the Adventurers found a boat and sailed from Everlund and towards Sundabar. Two days later, they arrived at the docks of the fortress city.

Located on the top of a hill, with four gates, surrounded by double-walls and a moat, Sundabar made a formidable, if drap, impression. The Adventurers quickly found themselves inside a city without greens or any other natural thing. Sundabar is a city of stone and its people are vigilant and suspicious. The party found an Inn, which doubled as a warriors guild. Here they sought information about Helm Dwarf-friend and found that he, and his keep was near. They sought an audience and through an introduction from the Lady Alustriel, they were well received. During their meet with Helm, they also found themselves in the company of Nial Durinshart, one of the Farrow Commanders and the patron of their quest for Orc tusks. After a journey down memory lane, he remembered his promise and paid in full. He then took them down the stairs and into the Undercity. Here, they found a great hall with three exits, one to the Mines, one to the Everfire and one to the Tomb of Dendastar. Nial explained, that Dendastars tomb hadn’t been opened for a hundred years and it had sealed in quite a few tourists when it closed (the adventurers already knew much about the tomb, as they had researched it quite a bit).

The Tomb was indeed locked, but the lock was simple and Korrin Regdar made a small show of opening the door. The massive stone door simply vanished and revealed a large rectangular tomb, with walls covered in tapestries and the artifacts claimed by Dendaster during his long campaign for good in the North. The sarcophagus itself, was guarded by no less than 10 armored automatons, which the party knew from their extensive research. Belian found it odd, that there were no bodies, as dozens supposedly died when the portal closed. Alas, Santos found the bodies, when he haplessly unrolled a massive tapestry on the end wall, a tapestry which revealed dozens of skeletons and a depiction of the Holy Symbol of Cyric. None of the adventurers questioned the oddity of Cyrics holy symbol, which was only 25years old, coupled with the bodies of 100year old dead people. But, it mattered less when Cyric himself actually manifested in the tomb. The god of Lies, Intrigue and Murder told the adventurers that they were being lied to: “Beware the Men behind the Curtain, True intentions are Always Hidden. Come to my Temple in Zsassespur and my Priests shall unmask the reality and reveal all.”

The Avatar then proceded to claim a single item from inside the sarcophagus: a sword. It was Dendasters own blade the First Sword of the Sun. Cyric disappered, leaving the adventurers baffled. They quickly found their footing and made haste to Silverymoon.

Silver Way

On the 27th of Elessias, the adventurers rested on the Silver Way. The great Travel’s Halt, a safe place in the Nether Mountainsm if there is such a thing, was were they decided to stop. The Halt was guarded by two groups of Knight-Errants of the Knights in Silver. During their stay, the adventurers found, that very near their own camp was the camp of the Swords of the North, the party from whom they stole four horses just a week earlier. The Adventurers managed to stay low however, until a familiar visage came calling: Sir Lloren Elkbearer. He came with his eight squires and, using his authority as First Knight, claimed the First Sword of the Sun as his own. Sir Alkin and Sir Errol, the Knight-Errands guarding the Travel’s Halt complied at first, but when the party showed their credentials as Adjuncts of Silver, and the letter from Lady Alustriel, they were about to stop Sir Lloren. But, just as Sir Alkin tried to diffuse the situation, Santos of Cimber had enough and he drew his mighty blade and struck Sir Llorens Horse. The situation quickly descended into chaos. Korrin and Belian, tried to surrender and stop Santos at the same time, while Gaervar fled into the forests of the Nethers. Sir Lloren seemed mad and demanded the heads of all, sending his squires after the fleeing gnome. Meanwhile, Santos embroiled himself in combat with 12 squires and three knights.

The end was given before Santos even finished his first blow. Sir Lloren, a veteran of hundreds of skirmishes, easily defeated Santos, cutting his head from his body. Before he could do the same to Korrin and Belian, the seemingly crazed Knight was stopped by Sir Alkin and Sir Errol, but not before he killed Sir Alkin. Sir Errol rounded everything up nicely after that. He captured Sir Lloren, Korrin, Gaervar and Belian and collected the corpse of Santos. He then claimed all of them as Prisoners of the Lady of the Marches, and he and the remaining squires immidiately headed for Silverymoon.


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