Amongst Friends and Foes

Chapter 7: The Talons

A welcome surprise

The new “friends”, journey west, past Lhurvenhead and Jalanthar, traversing the Rauvin vale without incident.

At the Talons, the adventurers encounter a half-orc, who turns out to be Nogil the Ranger and his beautiful travelling companion, a young half-elven priestess of Tymora. The Half-Orc explains that the priestess is his half-sister, and that she’s to accompany the party whereever they go. Nogil also enlightens the adventurers as to his skills: He can find them a path into Mhiilamniir.

Nogil gives the adventures two choiches. Journey south, and enter the ruins of Mhiilamniir from the south. Here they’ll avoid the worst that the forest has to offer, in terms of rovings bands of Dark Elves, grumpy Wood Elves, errant Demons and the dangers of the fey (nixies, pixies, sprites and dryads). He also explains that the power vacuum left by the retreating elves, has created many new “lords” of the Forest. Including Az’Toum. An Eye Tyrant who rules in the southern part of the ruins of Mhiilamniir. According to Nogil, the beholder has a vast contigent of Hobgoblins, as well as both Genasi and Troll Servants. The Beholder rules from the vacant “Woodlands Fair” in the southern most parts of Mhiilamniir.

The other option is, to use potions of invisibility and silence, and sneak into Mhiilamniir. The mythal of this once great Elven City no longer works, so using magic should be no problem. With this choiche, the party takes the road to Elven Port, a ruined port city on the banks of the Delimbiyr river. Here, the dark Fey’ri have taken residence. According to Nogil, they’ve got quite the stash of Elven Magic, and though it is guarded by their Tana’rukk slaves, it should be relatively easy to get to it.

The adventurers elect the second option. They head to Elven Port. Scout the city, find the stash, fight the Tana’rukks and recover the potions. As the day wanes, they flee the ruins of outer Elven Port, before they can be discovered by the might of the Fey’ri. They head east, shadowing the Sylvan road, heading into the western parts of the once great Mythal City of Mhiilamniir.


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