Amongst Friends and Foes

Chapter 8: Mhiilamniir

Into the ruins of Elvenkind

The Adventurers follow the sylvan road from Elven Port to Mhiilamniir. They discover that they’re not alone in the ancient ruins of the elves, as a party of servants, following a member of the Elkbearer family, are digging in one of the hollowed out buildings.

After a heady debate, where Belian Brightwood argued fiercely for the death of the other adventurers, the party eventually decided to move deeper into the ruins. Mhiilamniir turned out to be huge. Miles upon miles of wondrous works of architecture interspersed with the woodlands. The air above the ruined city was filled with wyrmlings: dozens upon dozens of small green dragons, all seemingly watching the goings on in the ruins.

The adventurers managed to evade the wyrmlings, but they left Elisa behind. After their quick scurry across the open marble courtyard the adventurers finally entered the ruins of the massive Corellon Larethian Temple. Inside they found a gargantuan green dragon, and several smaller dragons, sleeping in the robbed treasures of the elves. Beneath the largest of the dragons, the adventures found a staircase. They snuck past the dragons and down below the temple.

Below the main temple they found a huge network of chambers. Dozens of shrines, holy relics, statuaries and libraries filled the hallways beneath the dragon-inhabited Dome. Eventually, after encountering several demonkin, they adventurers found themselves in the main underground temple, a Cathedral dominated by a statue of Corellon. They fought of a group of Cultists, and crab-people, before finding a chamber containing one of the Elfblades. Or so they thought. It turned out to be an illusion, but the trap in the chamber wasn’t and soon the adventurers were fleeing for their lives. They fled into a chamber with a portal, which they promptly used ending up on a field surrounded by a verdant forest.


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