Amongst Friends and Foes

Interlude I

Trial or Traitor

Following their capture by the Knights in Silver, the adventurers each made their choice: journey peacefully to Silverymoon and face Alustriels justice or flee the Silver Marches and forever be branded a traitor of the people

Belian Brightwood and Korrin Regdar, both true sons of the North, chose to willfully submit to the justice of the Lady. They were stripped of rank, titles and the rights of Adjunkts and publicly shamed by the First Lady. But secretly, they were praised by Taern Hornblade for their honesty and candor

Gaervar Daergel and Santos of Cimber made a very different choice. Or rather, Gaervar made a choice for them both. The gnome fled the convoy, with the mauled body of Santos, fleeing south towards the Great Temple of Cyric. Here, he hoped to find answers to his many questions, as well as a way to ressurect the body of Santos. Gaervar was declared traitor and public enemy by Alustriel and, if found, was to be hung in public as a statement. Santos’ body was declared illicit property and his soul was barred from returning to the world. As such, any northener who found the two, was to burn and disintegrate the remains of the warrior cleric.

Meanwhile, the intigator of all this trouble, Sir Lloren Elkbearer was stripped of rank and title and forever denied his rights as a Knight in Silver. He father was to disawow Lloren and deny him the rights of ascencion through inheritance. The Duke, Lord Arel Eastwell was furious, but accepted the sentence, knowing that the Lady Alustriels patience with the nobility was wearing thin


GamemasterM GamemasterM

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