Amongst Friends and Foes

The 3rd of Eleint
Korrin and Belian, still numb from their trial and still suffering from the loss of their dear frind Gaervar, now declared traitor after he’d fled the North, had spent the last week drinking heavily and discussing their future at The Lone Horseman

Belian shared his dreams with Korrin, saying that he, more than ever, wanted to shine in the eyes of his peers. He was humilated by the loss of prestige and felt that they needed to do great things to redeem themselves. Korrin concurred, allthough he had his own motives. Belians need to prove himself, could possibly lead to wondrous adventure and new exploration. Korrin suggested that try and find the legendary Elfblades, which had been lost for almost a millenia. Belian wholeheartedly agreed, but like Korrin, he knew little about were to proceed from that thought.

As the two adventurers debated their way forward, two men, strangers, approached them. The Inn was quiet and, except for the usual patrons, relatively empty. The Men, Xavros “Dusksong” Nemetsik and Henris Blacksilver, were servants of Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley. They claimed they had true knowledge of the Elfblades and reminded the adventurers, that Lord Caskill had, just a few weeks earlier, petitioned them to find the legendary Crownblade. Korrin and Belian were skeptical to say the least, but decided to indulge the strangers. They asked dozens of questions, guarding their own secrets, but as it turned out, the tale from the two strangers seemed true. Xavros has exceptional knowledge about the north, the elves and the Elfblades. He, and Henris, offered 10,000gp in diamonds and another 100,000gp upon the discovery of the Crownblade, on behalf of Lord Caskill

Korrin and Belian agreed, on one condition, the two would help them find the Crownblade, if Xavros and Henris in turn, helped Korrin and Belian find the Warblade. Xavros agreed in principle, and defended the motives of Lord Caskill. And with that, the new party left Silverymoon and headed for the Talons in the east, where they, according to the original charter of the quest, would hook up with the Ranger Nogil, who’d show them the way to a lost elven city.


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