Lady Laurel Winterbrook

Commander of the Silver Troops


A tall, well-built woman with dark red, almost black, hair and fierce, piercing green eyes. No-one will ever call Laurel beautiful, but she is handsome in her own way.

She is always dressed for battle, even in situations that warrant a different approach. She favors a chain shirt when not on the battlefield and a full plate when she faces her enemies.

Her shield and beautifully wrought longsword are never far from her hands.


The only chlld of Westin and Tamar Winterbrook, Lord and Lady of the hamlet of the same name. Laurel joined the Knights in Silver when she was just16 years old, the youngest girl ever accepted into the hallowed ranks. She recieved her knighthood at 21, her first command before her 25th birthday and she was named supreme commander of the SIlver Troops, the footsoldiers and bowmen of SIlverymoon, just shy of her 40th birthday (and the flood of orcs that ruined much of the North)

Lady Laurel Winterbrook

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