Lord Arel Eastwell

The Earl of Eastwell and Elk


The Earl of Eastwell looks nothing like his two sons. While Llellan and Lloren are tall, handsome and blond, Lord Arel is short and slight of build, with brownish hair, slowly turning White with age.

The Earl carries himself with the vain haughtiness of the truly powerful. His dresses in expensive clothing and flaunts gems and gold, as if he had enough to share with all.

The Earl is often seen with two men at his side. Both are rumored to be members of the infamous Al-Gahwar, The Night Assassins, though it has never been confirmed.


Arel Elkbearer, is the Earl of Eastwell and the Lord of the Lands of Elk. The Family estates cover much of the lands North of Silverymoon, but their main estates are actually in the Western Heartlands, around the city of Scornubel. The town Eastwell lies just 15 miles South of Scornubel, while the Elk lands, cover around 40 Square mlles from Quevarr to Silverymoon.

The Eastwells have interests throughout the North and the Western Heartlands, but their famiiy estate, which doubles as a Temple to Siamorphe, lie in Silverymoon. The Elk Manor, is a beautiful Building, located very near the The High Palace.

The Earl of Eastwell and Elk is fantastically rich, and has used his wealth to insert familiy members in positions of power throughout the North. Sir Lloren is First Knight of SIlverymoon, Arels Brothers, Erol and Tewwin, are high ranking political officers in Everlund and Mirabar, and the list is endless.

The Eastwells are far from welcome in Silverymoon, as the Lady Alustriel, all but hates their ways. But, their fantastic wealth is needed in these days, and as such they’re tolerated. But, Alustriel holds Little love for the nobility and the “Confederacy of the Silver Marches” is looking to abolish the right and rule of the aristocrats.

Lord Arel Eastwell

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