Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley

Duke of Brentley and Advisor to the Lady Alustriel


Lord Caskill is an old man, but he carries himself with the countenance of a much younger individual. He nears his sixth decade, but looks like man who’s only recently crested thirty. While the semblance of nobility is clear in his features, he still manages to convey an air of familiarity with most common folk and strangers. He is cleanshaven and has only a hint of salt-and-pepper in his combed hair.

Lord Caskill usually Wears sumptuous clothing of silk and flaxen and he prefers somber colours. Blue and grey is predominant in both his clothing and he jewelry. His wellknown blade, The King’s Caller, is always with him, as is him personal aide, Askar Orden.


The ancestral lands of the Brentley Family date back to the legendary “Kingdom of Man”. All the lands North of the RIver Subrin where once under Brentley rule and to this day, the Family patron still carries the title of Duke, even though the Brentley Lands have long been usurped by Uthgardt and roving goblinoids.

Berenthar is a Brentley by birth, but much of his fame and reknown comes from his wife, the Duchess Lucia. She is the only surviving member of the House of Caskill, one of the founding families of Silverymoon. All of her kin died of the Black Fever, just a few months after her wedding to Berenthar. The Caskill name carries a lot of weight in Silverymoon and has secured the Lord a great deal of influence with the Lady Alustriel.

Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley

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