Lord Telvis Cumberland

Lord of Farrow Field


Telvis is an old man, well into his sixties. He carries himself with the grace of the nobility, but still mainstains a solid connection to the public. His hair is silver and he has a shortcropped beard. He is not especially marred by time, but he has prominent crows feet at the eyes.

Telvis always dress in a manner befitting his rank, as Lord of Farrow Field, but he is rarely overdressed. He carries no weapons other than a silver dagger.


The first born son of Terrin Hennesy and Macklin Cumberland, the seventh Lord of Farrow, Telvis was the god (siamorphe) given choice for Lord.

He has no siblings, but he and his wife Dora has six children of their own and eleven grandchildren. Their only son Macklin IV, is destined to become the Next Lord of Farrow.

Lord Cumberland has seen a great reduction in his wealth and status after the destruction of Winters Edge and Farrow Field. Only his long-standing friendship with Duke Binder of Severn and Halt, has kept Lord Cumberland from going completely broke.

Lord Cumberland’s estates are modest and he carries no title beyond Lord.

Lord Telvis Cumberland

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