Sir Lloren Elkbearer

Heir to the Earldom of Eastwell and Elk


Sir Lloren is a tall, handsome man, with blond hair, a full well-groomed beard, and piercing blue eyes. He carries himself with the haughtiness of one born into generations of privilige.
He speaks with the slight sneer, which often presents itself when you believe yourself superior to others.

WIth his beautiful and fancyful clothes, his exquisite armor and magnicient steed, he countenance is indeed impressive.

Sir Lloren rarely travels alone and he is always well armed.


Lloren is the second-born son of Arel Elkbearer, the Earl of Eastwell and Elk. His older Brother Llellan, is a notorious drunkard who frequents the more bawdy taverns and whorehouses of Silverymoon. As a result, Sir Lloren is widely considered to be the true heir to his fathers title.

The Lands of Eastwell lie North and West from Silverymoon, but the Eastwell Family has interests across the North and even into the Western Heartlands. Many believe the Eastwells to be the richest Family North of Tethyr and West of Anauroch

Sir Lloren is a noted figure within the Knights in Silver, allthough he may not be the most popular. His Family is wealthy, which has gained Lloren quite a bit of influence.

Sir Lloren Elkbearer

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