Amongst Friends and Foes

Chapter 3: Silverymoon, Gem of the North
A Royal Audience

Led by the smiling, elderly Lord Telvis Cumberland, the Adventurers finally arrive in Silverymoon after almost two full weeks of trekking from Pine Cove. At the edge of the magnificient Moonbridge, a group of Templars, Hospitalers and Clerics, of the (Triad), greet the weary band. The batterered body of (Belian) is brought back to life by Liendra StarCaller, first priestess of Sel√Ľne. Allthough not of the Triad, she is nonetheless the only one who offers to ressurrect Belian. After her spectular display of Magic, she blesses each of the four adventurers. Lord Telvis Cumberland takes is leave as they are escorted across the Moonbrigde. He invites the group to dinner after their meeting with the Lady Alustriel.

At the Western Gate of Silverymoon, the Party is met by Hennesy, the Captain of the Guard and a former Silver Knight. They’re esorted through the city and directly to the The High Palace. Here they meet with Taern Hornblade and the beautiful Lady Alustriel, the Queen of Silverymoon. She thanks them for their help and tells them to speak with Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley, who’ll give them a gift for their service to the City and The Silver Marches.

The Lord Caskill, a Duke of the North, speaks with Lord Arel Eastwell, Sir Lloren Elkbearer’s father, who happens to be the Earl of Eastwell and Elk. Through his words and ways, the Earl manages to upset and anger the fiery Santos. The rough cleric of Garagos almost manages to get himself and his Allies killed as he threatens the Earl. But other than discovering the powerful defenses of the High Court and angering the Earl, nothing happens.

The Lord Caskill-Brentley invites the adventurers to meet him at The Golden Oak. Here he offers them a prize from the Lady Alustriel: Adjuncts of Silver and 5 acres of land per man, a fine prize at any right. He then gives them a quest: Move South and East to Hilltop and discover why none have heard from the city in weeks. The Lady Alustriel wants them to report to Taern Hornblade, but Lord Caskill urges them to report to him first.

The Adventurers met a mysterious pox scarred man, who stalks their movements. After their meeting with Lord Caskill and later when they meet with Lord Cumberlands Family, and the Next day at The Lone Horseman the mysterious man follows them. Gaervar Daergel attempst to confront him at The Lone Horseman, but the man flees.

During their stay at Silverymoon, the adventurers meet many people and visit many Places, including the The Lucky Cave an expensive brothel and several shops. A travellers shop, a magic shop, a weaponsmithy called Wedgehill Weapons and another called Optyms Blades.

The proprietor of Wedgehill weapons, a dwarf named Graff Wedgehill, offers Korrin Regdar an axe enchanted by the might of the dwarves. He does not explain his reasons other than his wish to aid the Heroes of the North

Following a good nights rest, the Party moves South, towards Everlund and then to Hilltop

Chapter 2: The Hunt and Rescue (II)
Part II: Pine Cove

The Adventurers did not pause to rest after their fierce battle with the Brigands. Instead they immidiately resumed their trek North, towards Pine Cove.

Just outside the tall palisades that surrounded the village, the Party spotted a Group of warriors, led by one of the Knights in Silver . The adventurers ignored their them and instead they proceeded to simultaneously attack and infliltrate the village.

As Santos, the mad cleric of Garagos, successfully toppled the guardtower, slaying the orc archers on top of it, and making both a huge hole in the wall and a mighty racket, the gnome and the ranger, sneaked through the forest. They then swarm the small cove, climbed the wall and killed a couple of half-drunk orcs.

The village held far more orcs than the Adventurers anticipated and the battle almost turned against them. But the ferocity of Santos, backed by the sneakiness of Korrin and Gaervar, eventually resulted in a great Victory for the Party.

But the sweet taste of Victory was shortlived, for as Gaervar and Korrin freed the villagers in the Tower, the sitution deteriorated outside. The Knight in Silver, a Sir Lloren Elkbearer, entered the village and claimed the Adventurers Victory as his own. Belian and Santos wanted nothing more than to slay the haughty knight, but they stayed their hands. Gaervar and Korrin eventually freed Lord Cumberland and tried a ploy to diffuse the situation, but too late. Belian refused to show his letter of marque and the knight and his squires attacked. Belian suffered mortal injury before Lord Cumberland managed to stop the battle. Sir Lloren was told to leave Pine Cove and he did, but only reluctantly and only after he once Again asserted his superiority.

Lord Telvis Cumberland gave his most sincere thanks, and he, and the 40 surviving villagers, trekked the 200 miles from Pine Cove to Silverymoon

Chapter 2: The Hunt and Rescue
Part 1: Following the trail of orcs

The Adventurers left Farrow Field an early morn and headed North towards the remains of Winter’s Edge. The burned ruins of the township held no evidence of the former inhabitants.

In the late morning, early midday, the Party came upon the Ferrymans Lodge. Beyond the cluster of structures lay the wide, rolling waters of the river Subrin. The Inn, which was guarded by soldiers of many factions, was home to the only viable way to cross the Subrian for miles: The Pulley Ferry.

The Adventurers paid 1gp per head (man and horse) and engaged the ferryman, Joerl Frennil, to escort the party across the river. On the far side of the Subrin, the Party discovered dozens upon dozens of orcs, slain by copper elven arrows. Following a debate, and an attempt to track the moving orcs, the Adventurers decided to follow a route straight through to Pine Cove.

Halfway through the massive forest, the Adventurers came upon the remains of a massive battle. It seemed that surviving orcs had fought a groupn of soldiers following them to Pine Cove. As the Adventurers searched the corpses, they disovered that is was actually an ambush. The Party defeated the would-be brigands (one escaped), but not before being confronted by a aged veteran with a clear tattoo of the Diety Cyric on his left arm. The plot thickened.

Having defeated the brigands, but without discovering their motives, the Party continued towards Pine Cove.

Chapter 1: Farrow Field
Introduction to "Amongst Friends and Foes"

1376DR. The early summer months were bereaft of their usually warmth and pleasure. Following the Winter storms and the spring rains, the great mountains of the North unleashed a terrible plague upon the land: An Orc Horde. Led by King Arklash, second cousin to King Obould, this massive horde of more than 50.000 tuskers decended upon the northlands. Hundreds of villages fell in their wake, until finally, at Farrow Field, the horde was defeated. A vast alliance, The Confederacy of the Silver Marches, led by Men, Dwarves and Elves, met the armies of King Arklash in battle and left less than a 1000 orcs alive.

You four, the adventurous Korrin, the enigmatic Santos and the two Silvermoon natives Gaervar and Belian, fought bravely as part of the Silver Troops. Your Company fought and killed hundreds of mountain orcs and you held the field of Victory.

Following the routing of King Arklash, you were summoned to the “Strategum”, where the Lady Laurel Winterbrook met with the other Farrow Commanders. She gave each of you Letters of Marque, making you Confederate Marshals. The Lady Commander then gave you a quest: Follow the trail of the remaining orcs North and see if you can find and rescue the kidnapped villagers of the ruined township Winters Edge. Especially Lord Telvis Cumberland held importance, but all lives that You could rescue would increase your status with the Commander. The logging town of Pine Cove, on the Edge of the Spine of the World, was the likely destination of the fleeing orcs, as it was one of the first Towns they sacked.

One of the other Farrow Commanders, offered you 1 piece of gold for each set of Orc Tusks you brought back from your journey.


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