Bell Market Inn

The Bell Market Inn, is the largest Inn in the entire North. The massive three-story Building doubles as a general store, and a temple to Waukeen, as well as having shrines to Shaundakul and Lliira. The Inn is also known for its black market, where all manner of shade personae, deal in gems, drugs, weapons and other valuables. The Bell Market Inn is frequented by travellers, adventurers, traders and all manner of people seeking rest and trade. The Inn itself, has a huge taproom, which has room for more than 300 diners. The location near the Bell Market Circle, leaves amble room for outside drinking and dining.

The proprietor of the Bell Market Inn is a retired adventurer called Adran Morth, or Adran the Willful. He runs a tight ship, but rumours has it that he accepts shadier business, but only if the coin is good.

Commons (7cp/night): You’re allowed to sleep on the floor of the Inn after closing (2:00 AM) or in the Stable.
Travellers (2sp/night): A room shared with 4 others.
Merchants (1gp/night, includes breakfast): A single room
Prince’s (25gp/night, includes all meals): A four-bedroom suite, with a large common room and a communal bath for all four rooms.
King’s Chambers (100gp/night, includes all meals, drinks and 2 personal servers): A 10 bedroom suite, with 2 baths, a lounge, an office, a personal library, and a huge balcony adjourning a grand living room.

- Coster (Bell’s Caravans)
- General Store (goods up to 200gp)
- Auction House (every other Sunday – up to 2,000gp)
- Healing (In Shrines)
- Scrying (In Shrines)
- And a dozen others…

Bell Market Inn

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