Everlund (Large City, population: 21,888)

The clear white walls of Everlund, cast their shadow upon all travellers travelling on the Silver Way and on the River Rauvin.


Everlund is the second-largest city in the Silver Marches, only topped by the splendor of Silverymoon. Outside the massive white-washed walls, lies sprawling farmlands and small hamlets. Outside each of the five gates, are several makeshift traders markets. Inside the walls, the city is dominated by The Bell Market. Everlund is reknowned as a traders town, and dozens, if not hundreds, of merchants, peddlers and tinkers, journey to and from the city on a daily basis.

Government: Council of Elders, led by Duke Kayl Moorwalker
Military: The city of Everlund is guarded by the Army of the Vale, a 400 strong group. The Army is a mottled group of rogues, rangers and sellswords, usually armed with short bows, short swords, a club, buckler shields and studded leather armor. The army is recognizable by their green cloaks.
Temples: Keep of Vigilance (Helm), Pools of Healing (Eldath), Starmeadow (Corellon Larethian), Evergreen Hall (Mielikki), The Grotto (Shiallia). Shrines of Wonder (Oghma, Siamorphe, Silvanus, Tymora, Malar, Auril) The Bell Market Inn (Waukeen, Shaundakul, Lliira)
Notable traders: Adran Morth (General store at Bell Market Inn), The Bent Bow (Bowyer), Trayvan’s Traders (Caravan Company), Purcill’s Odds and Ends (?)
Inns and taverns: The Dreaming Dragon (Inn), The Stag at Bay (Tavern), Bell Market Inn (Inn), Pools of Healing (Inn)


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