Hilltop (Population, ?)

A small mining village in the southern parts of the Nether Mountains. The village is famed for its huge production of silver, which feeds the mints of most of the cities of the Silver Marches.

In the summer, when the mine is frost free, and the days are long, hundreds of miners from around the Silver Marches, traverse Hilltop. This swells the population from the normal 350-400, to more than a thousand. Most of the locals are either trappers, rangers, soldiers or merchants catering to the mine.

The Area around Hilltop is legendary for its dangers. Filled with raiding orc tribes, groups of hunting wyverns, roving bands of giants and many other foul beings. But, the power of the soldiery of Hilltop has kept these attacks low and the township relatively safe.

Hilltop, along with Westpeak, Cullen’s Fair, Sawyers Mill and Bhurenspoint, are all part of the Earlyfelt Fief. Lord Pallen Earlyfelt, has ruled these lands for almost 5 decades, recently taking a young wife, before succumbing to a cough. The Widow Lady Earlyfelt, ruled Hilltop as competently as her late husband, until 3 months ago, when she disappeared.

Hilltop is now empty, abandoned or sacked. As per 19th of Elessias 1375DR – it has been so for three weeks


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