Knights in Silver

The Legendary Knights in Silver are the foremost defenders of truth and Justice in the North. They are the truest of servants to the Lady Alustriel and beacons of freedom for all folk. The Knights in Silver are recognized not only by their virtue and authority, but also by their arms and their steeds. All Knights, no matter their rank, ride only White steeds and carry silvered long swords and wear silvered plate mail.

There are three commands with the Knights. The foremost belongs to Lord-Commander Sernius Alathar, the Commander of the 700 Strong cavalry. Jorus Azuremantle commands the wizards and sorcerers of the Spellguard, who also carry the rank of Knight. And Lord-Protector Cairnan Willpraern commands the Palace Guard, the finest Knights. There are 90 Palace Guards, all chosen among the most deserving Knights and all dedicated to the service of Lady Alustirel. Above all the Commanders stand Taern Hornblade who, as First Advisor to Alustriel, is also the Supreme Commander of the Silver Troops and the Knights in Silver.

While the Knigths in silver are widely recognizes as a benevolent organisation, it is not without its own intrigue and ambition. Many of the First Knights and Lord-Knights are second and first born sons of the old nobility of the North and carry all the demands of their families with them.

The ranks in the Knights in Silver are:

- Adjunct Servant: carries the emblem of the knights, but have no weight within the organization.
- Squire: All Knights must serve 5years as a squire, before donning the blue and White of knighthood.
- Knight: The bulk of the organization. Clad in blue and white, with silvered armor.
- Knight-Errant: Knights charged with the protection of the realm. Serves in cities throughout the Silver Marches.
- Knight-Protector: The Knights of the Palace Guard. Their armor is true silver.
- First Knight: A unit commander. Recognized by their bright blue plumes and the eagle symbol on their shoulders.
- Lord-Knight: Highest rank below the Commanders. Have huge white plumes on their helmets.
- Lord-Mage: The Commander of the Spellguard
- Lord-Protector: The Commander of the Knight-Protectors
- Lord-Commander: The Commander of the Knights in Silver.

Knights in Silver

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