Silverymoon, the Gem of the North (metropolis, 37,073)

The anchor of the Silver Marches and the most wealthy and important surface city of the North next to Waterdeep.

Silverymoon is the rarest of things, a bustling city dominated by tree and beautiful stone buildings. Old oaks, shadowtops, and duskwoods compete with tall thin spires to touch the sky, and blueleaf trees shade flagstone sidewalks along most of the cobbled streets. The prevailing style of of the stonework is flowing curves, as if the buildings grew from the earth rather than being erected block by block.

Unquestionably, the foremost center of culture and learning in the North, Silverymoon is a happy place where folk of many races dwell in peace together. The Lady Alustriel prefers to keep people happy and hopeful through enlightened rule, but the recognizes that intrigue, deception and evil deeds are unavoidable and as such, she has a powerful cadre of agents, ferreting out evil whereever they find it.

Silverymoon is home to hundreds of shops, dozens of Inns and Taverns, a multitude of Temples and the largest college in the North: (The Conclave of Silverymoon)

The City’s army The Silver Troops have three divisions. The (Knights in Silver), are the finest riders of the North and true knights in their own right. The Palace Guard, are the finest of the Knights, chosen to defend the Lady Alustriel and the Silver Troops, led by Lady Laurel Winterbrook, make up the bulk of the remaining forces. Guardsmen and gatekeepers fall under the jurisdiction of the Lady Winterbrook.


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