The Lone Horseman

This stable, turned Inn, lies on Hillblowers Park, on Rallowglass Ride, between Northbank and Westbank. The massive two-story wooden structure, is completely open in one end, where the Inn is located. The first floor has 16 rooms, of mediocre quality, but the taproom is of suberb quality.

The Inn is one large open room, with more tables outside than inside. Two great fireplaces dominate the interior, which is necessary in the long, cold northern winters, as the Inn never closes its front.

The Lone Horseman is the only Inn which has direct, and open, access to the stables and it is favored by travellers, adventurers and explorers for its open floor, rich gossip and cheap storage.

Prices for food start at 1sp, drink at 2cp and rooms at 7sp.

The owner and proprietor Beorstag van Henkel, is a retired adventurer. His band, the Swords of the West, are legendary amongst the adventurers and spelunkers of the North.

The Lone Horseman

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