Adran Morth

The Proprietor of The Bell Market Inn


Adran is a large man, and he easily tops 6’4 (193cm). He has the body of a brawler, but the smile of a salesman. If it were not for the hideous scar which has permanently closed his right eye, he could be, and would be, considered handsome by many a lady.

As the proprietor of the largest Inn in the Northlands, he carries himself with the pride and grandeur of the wealthy. His patron, the Lady of Coin, has blessed him many times over. The Bell Market Inn has hundreds of daily visitors, and the fact that the Inn has shrines to Shaundakul and Lliira in addition to being a consecrated Waukeen temple, has only increased its popularity. This popularity has been turned into silk on Adran’s shoulders, gold at his fingers and neck, and other obvious signs of wealth which grace his person.

Adran speaks fast at times, and slow at other, clearly studying and cajoling the people he is speaking to. He manner is both naturally assertive and incredible charming. But when dealing with him, one always has the feeling that he has far more power that he lets on, which is saying much, considering he once slew a black dragon single-handedly (or so he claims)…


A former (or current?) priest of Waukeen and the proprietor of Bell Market Inn.

you know little else about Adran

Adran Morth

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