Gwaeron Windstrom

Gwaeron Windstrom (pronounced GWAIR-on WIND-strahm) is a neutral good demigod of rangers and tracking.

Gwaeron roamed the North as a mortal ranger many centuries ago. He was raised to demigod status by Mielikki after slaying an avatar and several manifestations of Malar in a short period of time. He has served the Lady of the Forests ever since. In the Time of Troubles, Gwaeron pursued Malar out of the North. He is said to sleep in a stand of trees just to the west of the town of Triboar, known as Gwaeron’s Slumber.

Along with Lurue and Shiallia, the Master of Tracking serves Mielikki by teaching her rangers the way to read forest signs. He reports indirectly to Silvanus. He has forged alliances with the deities of the elven, gnome, and halfling pantheons whose portfolios most closely match those of Mielikki, Silvanus, and his own. He opposes Malar the Beastlord. Given that his following is so small and so similar to that of Mielikki, he may be accidentally subsumed as an aspect of the Forest Queen or fall prey to Malar if he is not careful.


Gwaeron Windstrom

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