The Hunt and Rescue

Mission/Goal: Travel to Pine Cove and free the captured villagers from the remaining orcrish raiders. Especially Lord Telvis Cumberland.

Patron: Lady Alustriel via Lady Laurel Winterbrook.

Progress: The Adventurers recieved this quest immidately following the Battle of Farrow Field. They travelled north to Pine Cove, where Belian got killed in combat with a particularly vain member of the Knights in Silver, a Sir Lloren Elkbearer. In the end, the adventurers saved forty villagers and the Lord Cumberland, while Sir Lloren left empty-handed. Belian was resurrected in Silverymoon.

Outcome: The adventurers befriended Lord Cumberland, met with Lady Alustriel and were granted entry to the Knights in Silver, as well as a small plot of land north of the Subrin. Santos refused this gift. In addition, the adventurers met with Lord Berenthar Caskill-Brentley, who granted them further quests.

The Hunt and Rescue

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